Applying chemistry to health marketing: cross-disciplinary thinking and how to make it work

March 30, 2015 - Uncategorized -

Just like in chemistry, exciting things start to happen when we combine different elements (or stimuli) in our strategic thinking. Situations are transformed. Patterns are interrupted. Behaviour is changed. Barriers to success are displaced. Something new is created.

But how can we apply this to healthcare marketing? How do we effectively combine different elements and force a reaction?


The answer lies in finding the right people and taking them through the right process – creating an environment where we can step outside of health industry convention, apply new perspectives to the job in hand and create new solutions.

Just//works provides access to a bank of inspirational people from diverse backgrounds who are free from health industry conventions and who just think differently. It provides access to the tried and tested model, Just//decode, which forces collaboration between disparate experts.

Our novel tools and techniques can rewrite the problem in a way that will inspire new thinking, break it down it into discreet and tangible components and avoid the “blind spots” created by established teams trying to build momentum on projects or products.

We’ve taken inspiration from all around us – from the Persil ‘dirt is good’ campaign (which tells us sometimes it is right to focus on the issue your product resolves, to make a virtue of freeing up people to enjoy the problem, getting dirty, even more!) to Columbus’ mission to discover India (which tells us that you may start your journey with a specific goal in mind but find something different, but equally thrilling, America).


In a rapidly changing health and wellness space, where technology, innovation and new competitors are changing the rules, thinking and behaving differently is core to health organisations, services and brands thriving and surviving. But under pressure it is difficult to break out of the day-to-day. It is easy to get so focussed on the target goal that you neglect the exploration and experimentation necessary to come up with something really amazing.

Mobilising cross-disciplinary thinking can help break these unhelpful patterns of working and force connections that transform the way we communicate. It Just//works.

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